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Play it safe...
2nd-Dec-2008 04:41 pm - Blog is moving...
Mackey, The Shield
Been reluctant for a while to move my blog to Blogger since it is google with my gmail, picasa and whatnot.  But am in the process of moving the archive to my new blog.

Here is the link... about half of it is moved :)

14th-Nov-2008 07:50 pm - 11/12 High Roller league
league, Darts

Our team finally made a comeback in our league, winning 4-2 against the last place team.  My first game I broke dry and got ran out on for an 0-10, but managed to win my other 4 games to shoot a 40.  The first round we were down 8-30 after 3 games to lose the first round.

The last round I broke and ran out for a lucky 10-0 since I nearly scratched for 8 ball shape and got lucky to make the tough 8 ball I had left.  The last 2 guys on our team lost, and we ended up losing the last round also.

This brings my master league record to 22-23 with 6 EROS.
14th-Nov-2008 02:31 pm - Flu Trends
league, Darts
Just found this cool link to the trend of how much the flu is being spread...


I have passed up on a flu shot for the 10th year in a row...felt miserable for about 3 days after the shot and have avoided it since.  Our son is too young for it, but my daughter will probably get it  at her 2 year appointment in a couple weeks.

Just heard that my sis, bro in law and 2yr old nephew will be making it back, it'll be nice to see them again for sure.  Been a long few months and a lot has changed lately...I'm sure Aden is looking forward to meeting his aunt!

I noticed the flu is spreading a little bit in Kentucky, if my sis is listening...try to avoid this!  :)

10th-Nov-2008 11:25 am - Getting a little cold...
league, Darts

Finally starting to get a little cold out...lucky the bad weather held off for a little while since I had an outdoor election job.  Yep, I was one of those annoying people that were taking an exit poll.  Beautiful weather with just a little wind, just a couple days later and it would have been really bad.  Got around 70 people to fill out the exit poll questionaires, with a total of just over 400 votes visiting the polling place while I was there.

Got my daughter a new coat for this winter...didn't realize how expensive kids would be! :)  Her winter coat from last year isn't even close to fitting.  Had to buy her a cute hat and boots to go with it of course!

9th-Nov-2008 07:11 pm - 11/5 & 11/9 Leagues
league, Darts

11/5 - Had a pretty rough night on Wednesday...our team went 0-6, I won 2 out of 5 and my opponent broke and ran the last rack...not a good way to win the night.  Our team is 1-11 the past 2 weeks and dropped from a tie for 1st to 7th.

11/9 - My league on Sunday went pretty well, our team went 4-2 to maintain first by 3 rounds.  I won my first 4 games to raise my streak to 18 wins in a row.  The last game my opponent hooked himself and got rather lucky when I got BIH.  Managed to lose this game with a little more bad luck.  My record is now 26-4 on Sunday night...


5th-Nov-2008 04:56 pm - 11/2 Leagues
league, Darts
Played pretty well on Sunday, got lucky in winning one game Sunday..went 5-0 and improving my record to 22-3 and my win streak to 14.  Gotta keep it going since my spring league teammate is best in the league at 27-8 with a 19 game win streak still going...

The team went 4-2 against the last place team...still have 1st by 5 rounds or so.
4th-Nov-2008 10:22 am - Weekend Pool Tourney
league, Darts

Played in the Fall Classic 9 ball tournament in Grand Island this weekend with my wife...I shot well, but my wife drew last years womens champ the first round and it went downhill for her.

Squeezed a small money match in while waiting in the tournament...and I maintained my AzB King Nebr title. Not as good of new in the Fall Classic in Grand Island....which drew a couple ringers from Iowa and Colorado. Race to 7/6 double elim...

I won my first match 7-5, then lost 4-7..messing up a couple easy runouts. In the losers bracket I won 6-4, 6-3, 6-2. Then I got down 4-5 and broke and ran to make to hill-hill. The last game was mostly a safety game, then I had the first chance to get out. I missed the 6 in the side, and my opponent ran out...this will eat me for a while since this woulda got me into the money. Basically at least a $40 miss! Here's the layout...

EDIT: Found out that K. Sabin, the one I missed this shot against...ended up getting 2nd and $450, plus $500 for the calcutta.  Grrr..
1st-Nov-2008 09:41 am - Halloween
league, Darts

Our daughter loved halloween this year, she was a little nervous after the first house we stopped at since it had scary music and a few other props.  Keira was out of her shell really fast and would walk up to the door, knock and say "trick or treat" by herself.  We have also been practicing with her the past couple weeks on her age.  When we ask "How old are you" she says 2...not for another couple weeks though.  She answered that question for one of the houses too..she can be so cute!  After Keira realized that everyone was giving her candy, she just went right for the bowl of candy.  Fun times!

31st-Oct-2008 09:42 am - 10/29 League night...
Pool, League
Had a pretty rough night in league against kind of a rivalry team..sense we stole one of their better players this year :)  I was ran out on twice, going 2-3.  One of the guys on the other team won all 5, broke and ran all 3 breaks and shot 50-11.  We won the first round and that was it for us going 1-5.  We dropped to 5th, 4 rounds out of 1st with a 25-17 record. 

Brings me to 16-19 with 5 EROs, and 7 EROs against me....ouch.  I guess I need a few more...but it is mostly cause by my break as 4 of the runouts have been when I came up dry on the break.  I usually get a good spread on the break, just don't make a ball as much as I'd like :)
30th-Oct-2008 08:19 am - Back home...
league, Darts
Made it back from our long drive to DFW and back (about 550 mi each way)...Had training on Mon/Tues and drove back yesterday.  Gas prices in OKC were $1.99...almost took a picture, but did take a picture of this!  

It was really an uneventful trip, missed the kids for sure!  My wife picked up a halloween costume for Keira while I was away...she looks pretty cute.  Will definitely post more pics of her halloween fun.

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